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Tricia Reid Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Meet Tricia Reid, Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®

Hi, I'm Tricia Reid, a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®, trained and certified by Kim West. I am a mother of two and I can sympathize and relate to your child's sleep issues. I work with both babies and toddlers to help your tired family get the sleep they need. Read more here

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Tricia was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and I trusted her immediately because of this. Tricia was very supportive and non-judgmental! In fact, looking back I can see that I was not exactly eager to start because I feared that I would feel shame or embarrassment but she made me feel the opposite...that I was doing just fine and she was there to help adjust and guide me on this sleep journey. She was such a great listener and really took everything I told her into consideration. I learned SO much from her.

- Selah M.

Tricia provided me with the tools and insight that I needed to better my son's quality of life. When his sleep schedule is on point, he is a happier baby overall. I never felt judged, but rather a sense of empathy. Tricia has been through this, she knows how challenging these situations can be and that all children are different. She also gave me alternatives as we integrated him into a daycare setting. What was remarkable was his demeanor. He was happier, more alert, and smiley. We were able to pick up on his tired cues a lot easier after implementing the new schedule. Tricia was fabulous. More new moms need a Gentle Sleep Coach like her on their team.

-Arielle A.

We were fortunate to have a baby with great sleep habits and thought we were all set when she started sleeping through the night by herself around 3 months. Definitely first time parent naivety! We had connected with Tricia on a swaddling question, and she kindly joked at the end of the conversation that we would be speaking again in a few weeks. She was (unfortunately for us) spot on! We hit a monster 4-month sleep regression and didn’t have much hope of getting our routine back, but a 1 hour conversation with Tricia and a new nap schedule got us back on track within 24-48 hours. Her suggestions worked like magic and she was always available for follow up questions. We definitely plan on re-engaging with her for the many more hiccups (we now know are coming) down the road!

-Miriam D.

The sleep coaching program that Tricia helped us plan was just what we needed after many many sleepless nights and the beginnings of what felt like desperation. I couldn’t stand letting my daughter cry it out in a room by herself. So taking a more gentle approach to teaching her how to fall asleep felt right. Tricia was there to help bolster our self-confidence and make sure we had the tools we needed at every step of the way. She reminded us that giving our daughter these tools is a lifetime gift. We are so grateful to have our evenings back and to know that we’re setting her up for a future full of great sleep! 

-Midori S.